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We begin by offering over 1000 different rail seal drawings to cover a wide variety of options. Our standard rail seal is made of virgin EPDM rubber and that standard formula can be customized to accommodate different environmental or usage factors. We also offer a non-conductive option for light rail and transit applications. Our rail seal designs will work with any ties – wood, steel, concrete – from 9” up to and including the 16” wide Victor plate. We also work with all fastening systems including Pandrol / Vossloh / Gantrex / AK-clips / etc.

Beyond standard rail seal, we also offer gap filler, embedded and removable seal, Star Track, neoprene tie-pads, and crane rail seal. We have also worked with large-scale custom projects to produce unique rail seal solutions. One of the most impressive examples can be found at The Culture Shed building where we designed and produced the rail seal and rubber inserts for the movable portion of the building.

PPI manufactures and can custom design solutions for all types of highway grade crossings to improve safety, durability, and serviceability at every stage of a project’s life cycle.Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Railseal.

  • Smoother rail crossing – the rubber interface is designed to absorb energy from vehicle impacts.
  • Designed to compensate for track modulus, resulting in increased asphalt life Railseal allows the track to move without making direct contact with the rigid surface asphalt, reducing asphalt breakup at the rail.
  • Increased ballast life – Railseal reduces water infiltration to the ballast, thereby preventing contamination.
  • Railseal is easy to install and completely reusable – no special equipment is required.
  • Railseal is available in profile designs for all rail sizes and fasteners. Premium compounds are engineered for many years of service.

Railseal is available in three unique performance categories. Please click the links below to view or download sample PDF drawings.

For more demanding crossings.

Rail Anchor Compatible
Can be installed with most rail anchors in place.

Light Duty
For crossings with lower volumes of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Versatility and innovation help PPI be at the forefront of rubber interface design for embedded track structures. PPI has off-the-shelf profile designs for most fastening systems, various flange dimensions, and completely enclosed flangeway designs. We provide complete engineering design services based on the specific requirements of our clients. Some examples of the customized solutions PPI has designed and manufactured are shown below.

PPI’s Industrial and Indoor Rail products are easy to install, especially when pouring new concrete floors. Our removable design easily functions as a concrete form, reducing labour and material costs during construction and ensuring a perfect installation.

Other benefits of PPI’s Industrial & Indoor Rail product line include:

  • Increased safety and security for workers by reducing or eliminating tripping hazards
  • Providing even surfaces for vehicle and equipment crossings, such as forklifts and wheeled transports
  • Ease of clean-up and spill containment in flood-related environments (e.g. areas where grain is being loaded/unloaded from rail cars)
  • Gauge widths can be manufactured to meet American Disabilities Association (ADA) requirements.

Three-Piece Rail Seat
Our customers buy our Three-Piece Rail Seat because they know it gets the job done. PPI’s Three-PIece Rail Seat ships ready-to-install, with the lengths and hole patterns that our customers specify. Whether it’ s for installation on columns, in Light Rail Transit systems, or in any other location, our Three-Piece Rail Seat ensures that rails are electrically isolated from their surroundings, with a durability that’s meant to last.

Click the following link to view or download a sample PDF drawing.

Three-Piece Rail Seat

Removable Railseal for Grade Crossings

These profiles are manufactured using electrically non-conductive rubber.

Electrically Non-Conductive Formula

Crane Rail are an integral part in the lifting and moving of 100’s of tons of cargo. The flangeways these huge cranes ride on need to be reliable and free of any debris. That is why, at PPI, we have developed a line of single flanged, double flanged, open and enclosed designs to suite the needs of any shipping or container yard.

Our open flanged designs are built on the decades of experience in the rail industry. Over the years we have worked with every rail and rail retention system known to the industry and have developed both economical and extreme heavy-duty profiles to fit every project, and every budget.

As we grew our business, we continued to push the boundaries of innovation to develop more effective, and safer products. Using our special blend of virgin EPDM, we were able to create a collapsible rail seal that has no flangeway gap on the top surface and eliminate any trip hazards. This profile is designed to collapse when rail traffic runs over the rubber, but rebounds back up once the crane/train passes to allow automotive and pedestrian traffic to cross without any gaps.



We extrude rubber bumpers, at different hardness levels, from sizes as small as our 3” d-shape to our larger 11” round. We have supplied customers in both fresh and sea water applications and our products are designed for above and below water levels. We will also work with the customer on unique punching of hole locations for mounting the rubber to hardware and we will source and provide that mounting hardware, where needed.

Our fenders have been used on dock doors and on truck-trailers themselves. We have also converted fenders to accommodate roof mount applications (commercial Heat/Air units) as well as parking blocks for large lots. Like our bumpers, sizes range but our longest lengths are 16’ and we can deliver those rolled and/or cut or punched, as necessary.

PPI’s line of extruded fenders feature high-quality EPDM to ensure a long service life in protecting vehicles, buildings, and other capital assets from often unavoidable, low-impact collisions.

A variety of profiles and sizes are available and we can also provide custom solutions for your specific application. The advantage of PPI’s extruded fenders are:

  • Custom hole patterns for all rigid mounting types available upon request
  • Made-to-order lengths, up to 16’ maximum
  • High-durometer EPDM or other compounds, including multiple colour choices and non-marking

North America has a million trucks on the road at any given moment, delivering all sorts of product across North America. Built on the knowledge of our marine fenders, we have developed our truck dock fenders and rubber bump stops to help extend the life of the dock and trailer. The collapsible bumpers are produced using only virgin EPDM to maximize longevity and improve on the safety of conventional docks.


A truck carrying 40,000 LBS of cargo can be very dangerous if it starts rolling away. PPI wheel chocks are designed to fit truck and tractor tires to prevent any rollaway situations. These profiles are produced

using high durometer solid rubber with low compression to withstand the weight of the truck without being crushed.



PPI’s natural rubber snow blades are made from premium compounds boasting a tensile strength of 2800 PSI and 70-80 Shore A hardness. They are available in sizes ranging from 1” x 6” up to 2” x 11” and in any length up to 16 feet. We also have the ability to punch holes for mounting hardware – to customer specs.

PPI’s Rubber Snow Plow Edges are designed to provide the flexibility and wear resistance needed for all types of road maintenance and snow removal. PPI offers standard and premium versions of our compounds, both of which are ozone resistant and flexible to -40 °C. The premium compound provides a longer Rubber Snow Plow Edge life with its greater abrasion resistance.


  • PPI’s Rubber Snow Plow Edges include:
  • Thicknesses ranging from ½” to 2”
  • Made-to-order lengths, up to 16’
  • Custom hole/slot patterns and multiple slot sizes for all mounting types
  • Shipping coiled, punched, and labelled according to customer specifications

Please click the links below to view or download PDFs of PPI’s Rubber Snow
Plow Edge compounds.

PPI Standard Rubber Snow Plow Edge Compound
High performance in demanding applications at cost-effective prices.

PPI Premium Rubber Snow Plow Edge Compound
Superior durability and abrasion resistance for extreme snow removal conditions.



This category covers a lot of what we produce that is not rail specific. Again, utilizing multiple polymer types, we can design solutions anywhere up to 11” in diameter and 16’ lengths. Any extruded rubber part for any application, and we utilize our polymer lab team to make sure the polymer type is exact for the application. CR, IIR, EPDM, NR, SBR, and more are available as options.  

Clients choose us because they need products customized to fit their applications, manufactured from rubber formulations they can count on. At PPI, we have over 20 years of experience in working with our clients to solve problems. Whether you require a specialized profile, exceptional material properties, or both, we can work with you to develop a product that meets your needs on a cost-effective basis.

Our experience in high-abrasion and weather-resistant applications allows us to produce useful solutions with minimal design delay. PPI was founded specifically to translate the potential of new polymer technology into specialized, engineered products that deliver maximum performance and cost-effective benefits to users.

Current Manufacturing Capabilities
An overview of our current product line for the industries we service is described in the following pages. We have many hundreds of designs for various applications, and we are always happy to recommend solutions to our clients. Please note, however, that our current extrusion capabilities are limited to the following specifications:


  • All large extrusions are limited to 16’ maximum lengths, shipped coiled or as straight lengths.
  • For longer lengths, our customers have had success mounting our products end-to-end and we can supply hardware to facilitate this type of installation, where applicable.
  • All other lengths, up to 16’, can be manufactured to your specifications.

Cross-Sectional Limits

  • Extrusions whose cross-sections fit within an 8” x 8” square can be readily produced.
  • Extrusions with larger cross-sectional dimensions, up to 11” in diameter, may be possible, depending on the geometry.

Void Space

  • Longitudinal void space can be incorporated into custom designs to reduce the weight and material requirements of our custom extrusions, while still meeting performance criteria.

Drill, Punch, and Water-Jet Cutting

  • Mounting holes in a range of shapes can be punched, drilled or cut into cured extrusions at almost any location.