PPI believes in playing our part towards sustainability and protecting the environment.

Our environmental policy is as follows:

  • Comply with environmental legislation & approved codes of practice
  • Assess the environmental impact of all past, current and future operations
  • Continually seek to improve our environmental performance in reducing pollution, emissions and waste as well as reducing the use of raw materials, energy, and supplies
  • Raise awareness and encourage participation by training employees on environmental matters
  • Expect similar standards from the suppliers and contractors we do business with


Our sustainability goals are as follows:

  • To consider the life cycle of our products and services and design them to be as sustainable as possible
  • To buy materials and resources that come from renewable sources
  • To reuse or recycle our waste, or pass it on to other businesses to use as a resource
  • To involve employees and other stakeholders in sustainable development by involving them in training and incentives to encourage buy-in to our strategy