For product inquiries, technical assistance, or other matters, a member of our team would be happy to help. Call us at 888-222-5968, or use the following link to Contact Us at any of our other coordinates.


Pour toute demande de produits dans la province de Québec, Rematech Bremo Inc. représente PPI. Veuillez s'il vous plaît les contacter directement; les membres de leur équipe seront heureux de vous aider avec vos besoins. For all product inquiries in the province of Quebec, Rematech Bremo Inc. represents PPI. Please contact them directly; the members of their team will be happy to help you with your needs.


Rematech Bremo


Tom Lennox: PPI General Manager

Tom Lennox
General Manager
Tom has over 40 years of experience in the rubber industry, covering sales, formulation, design, and customer care. His focus is to ensure PPI’s customers get full value from every item purchased across PPI’s product line. You can reach Tom, toll-free, at: 888-222-5968. When he's out of the office, please contact him at: 519-241-8990.


Christine Boadway: PPI Office Manager

Christine Boadway
Office Manager

With her MBA and career experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Christine handles PPI’s accounting, manages our receivables, and takes care of PPI’s order desk.


Rick White: PPI Design Technician

Rick White
Design Technician

Rick has been an integral part of PPI since our founding in 1996. Taking care of the design and control of our products, Rick translates our customers’ concepts into die designs and ensures conformity with the finished profile.




Andrei Buta: PPI Manufacturing

Andrei Buta
Manufacturing Manager
Andrei is responsible for producing, packaging and shipping our products. Dividing his time between our front office and the plant floor, he ensures the smooth daily operation of our plant.


Carl Gustafson: PPI Regional Manager, Great Lakes

Carl Gustafson
Regional Manager, Great Lakes

Based in Ohio, Carl takes care of PPI's customers' needs in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. With his experience in the rubber industry and the rail business, Carl provides solutions to PPI's customers' challenges. You can contact him directly at: 330-428-1856 or cgustafson@ppirubber.com.



PPI will be adding new staff as our company grows. Updates will be posted to our News page.